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d local employees of the company have visited local fields and communicated with villagers in the burning sun. Their talks have often lasted for several hours.The bigges▓t concern of local villagers is employment. Accordingly, the company has ▓offered an unemployment subsidy plan to help those

villagers without working capacity to access basic subsistence security.Some villagers felt

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strange and doubted it. The company has deployed eight working teams with over 30 Chi▓nese and local employees, who have worked day and night to exc


hange views with every village.Ms. Yu, leader of the third team, said, "every team has 2-3 members, mainly Chinese employees and loc▓al employees have worked as interpreters. Some villagers were ver▓y warm, some felt very strange and some resisted strongly in the beginning. As I still member, one household didn't open the▓ door at all, but we just kept waiting outside their door, trying to persuade them with great patience and in a loud voice. Finally, we moved them, and th▓ey changed their attitude and opened the door to let us in. After finishing the work one day, I even couldn’t speak anymore due to a sore throat."The excha

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ly delivered one-stop services, inc▓luding information review, opening of bank accounts and▓ distrib

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ution of subsidy passbook, to local villages, who have never used passbooks before. The work has won trust from word of mouth.Building A New Home Hand in HandWhen implementing the communit▓y support and development plan (CSD), the company has persisted in the▓ operating mechanism combining "villagers' participation, compan▓y&rsqu

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ent activities have won ▓full support from villagers and the

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